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Philadelphia, PA / New York, NY

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Expertise: Multi-platform high-availabilty, emphasis on Redundancy and Failover

Quality and Performance Improvement and Crisis Management

Relationship/team building, decision making, troubleshooting, risk management

Languages: Perl, C/C++, Java, Korn/Bourne/Bash scripting, C#, SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, VBA, VB Script,, PHP, Javascript, XML/XSD, Python, Maven, ...

Open Source: GNU, Linux, Apache, MySql, SSH/SSL, CPAN, GPG, ...

RDBMS: MySql, Oracle, SQL Server, ODBC, JDBC, DBD/DBI, ...

Tools: MySql Workbench, Autosys, Enterprise Manager, Sqlplus, Toad, Nagios

CVS, TrueChange, Ant, Make, Eclipse

PVCS, Microsoft Office, Crystal Reports

Windows: Windows 7/2008 Server, .Net to 3.5, VC++ 6.0,

WSH/VBS/DOS, Active Directory; legacy Windows


Consultant; Hudson-Bergen Light Rail; Jersey City, NJ

May 15, 2006 to Present (Part-time): System Administration, Database and Control System

Oracle database administration and development of Crystal reports – based in “Spear” transportation system to track train on-time performance, incidents and employee training.

Re-created all Crystal Reports after a key employee departed the company and the reports had mysteriously disappeared.

Support Unix-based train control system. Created suite of scripts to automate backups, disk space monitoring, system performance monitoring and network trouble alerting. Create and upgrade Unix, perl, VBScript and DOS batch scripts.

Set up configuration management and Sharepoint. Used Perforce CM tool.

National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak)May 1997 to present : Consultant in various capacities (full & parttime, as-needed)

Older accomplishments in this position:

Migrated multiple applications through various versions of Solaris through Solaris 10, including C++/Motif desktop graphical train control software and perl-based intranet reporting system. Intimate use and building of Apache and CPAN modules, development of Unix Korn/Bourne scripts and configuration functions.

Modifications to replication and rollout scripts, firmware upgrades, analysis of disk and network configuration, evaluate Solaris 10 on a PC.

Created/enhanced file installation tool in perl and ftp calls capable of pushing or pulling sets of files for system setup and rollout.

Created scripts in Korn shell to install and configure Perl/Apache/Mysql/CPAN perl modules and other files.

Created backup scripts and system cleanup scripts in Systems Administration role.

Served as Configuration Manager using McCabe Truechange tool, PVCS Tracker and customized scripts and software. Served as QA support person. Wrote automation tools for QA testing and for analyzing test results.

Enhanced disk replication (ghosting) scripts for system rollout.

Other administration and configuration management, Unix scripting, GUI and Web development support for train traffic control system and other software. Other java code maintenance. Automate builds using Ant. Create installation, configuring, control and monitoring scripts for intranet system. Helped automate backup/replicate process. Created “unification” system that encapsulates differences among all production machines in a simple ascii file.

Automated other build and deploy processes in Perl and Korn shell scripts. Application coding in C/C++ and Motif GUI. Automated system maintenance and turnkey application startup. Unified diverse Unix machines using config files. Taught Unix course.

Debugged and configured tape backups, machine reboot and many other Unix administration tasks.


Database management & Data Cleaning consultant; Kantar Health

November 2014 to November 2015

Extract and clean health care survey data (National Health and Wellness Survey) for data analyst team who then packaged statistics for sale to big-pharma and others using SPSS, SAS and Stata packages. Solved multiple serious issues (duplicates, mutilple different answers from same respondent, embedded control characters, missing or extra responses). In one year, turned around entire project in US and 5 EU countries, salvaging data for use and sale in $16 million project.

Adjuct Faculty Staff, Pennsylvania Institute of Technology

January, 2012 – May 2014 (part-time)

Teaching various Computer Science fundamentals and advanced programming concepts. Part-time position at this 2-year technical college. Challenging the students to improve their information technology skills.

Courses Taught at PIT: Linux, Digital Communications, Java II, Software Engineering.

Subject Matter Expert, Order Feeds

Perl/Linux Consultant at eBay Enterprise, King of Prussia, PA

April 2010 to December 31, 2013

SME in area of “B2B” Feeds, ETL-type application with high-volume XML: Object-oriented perl scripting with in-house framework, intensive Oracle SQL and Linux Bash scripting handling XML, CSV, delimited text and other formats. Multitude of tools and utilities such as Autosys (scripting and management console), SqlPlus, GPG, SSL, XSD/XML editors, ftp/sftp, ssh, scp, bash, sqlplus and graphical database tools, HTML and Wiki documents. Encryption expert. Languages and encodings (UTF-8). Tracked code changes & deployed via CVS command line. Tracked defects and supporting functions with Serena Change Manager, Outlook emails, Word documents and HP Quality Center. Remote support via VPN.

Some project management. Designed dashboard for tracking order processing and recovering failures. Created automated volume monitoring email system to provide visibility into daily order volume.

Application is Retail Web processing in a data-intensive environment servicing multiple partners and interacting with backend departments within GSI.

Major Accomplishments at GSI/eBay: Created/oversaw data feed and B2B solutions for a dozen top name retailers, doubling order volume 2 years in a row (2011 to 2012 and 2012 to 2013). Implemented complex infrastructure improvements resulting in no major issues in 2013 despite record volume. Designed and implemented Order Alerting and Reporting system in Perl that is saving Account Managers thousands of support hours and resulting in happier partners. Created dashboard utilities for monitoring volume, queues, processes and logs. Oversaw build-out of replacement Linux servers with latest Perl/CPAN and utilities.

DBE & Warehouse Designer; The Franklin Mint, Devon, PA

Database Consultant, December, 2009 to June, 2010

Mine legacy data on a scale of billions of rows to provide business intelligence, cross-sell, up-sell and other demographic & marketing reports. Use SSIS and SSAS to achieve movement of data from legacy sources into SQL Server database.

QA Automation Consultant, Navteq ( Malvern, PA

September 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009

Built automated QA testing tools in a Linux/Windows, Apache, MySql, PHP, Python, Java and Maven environment. Created database tables and screens to present a hierarchy of test suites and test cases that control testing tools and manage test runs, results and coverage reports. Completed manual testing of map and traffic applications. Tracking defects with HP Quality Center.

Medco Health – Process control software development in C/C++ and Oracle

September 2, 2008 to March 27, 2009: Senior Developer

Created a gmake system to mirror Eclipse development and ported menu system to bash script solution. Developed process control modules in C++.

Consultant, Telamerica Media

October 26, 2006 to May 2007 and August 31, 2007 to August 26, 2008: Senior Developer & Participate in all phases of design and development of agile SOA Enterprise application (core business infrastructure) using .Net 3.0/C# and WCF. Port Boost Graph Library, write C++/CLI wrapper and C# interface. Write stored procedures for SQL Server database. Create API and custom User Control. Created the System Topography Service as part of core business logic. Serve as CM/QA, writing VSS and devenv scripts to compile, deploy and startup.

Implement Sales Confirmation Scraper, Loader, Matcher, Scrubber and Report Generator in C++ and SQL Server.

ActiveNetwork/SportsPower (website: )

August 6, 2007 to December 18, 2007: Data Acquisition Consultant

Extract, transform and load in Perl and MySQL, some PHP for sports statistics. Scrape PDF, Excel and Word documents and HTML from various web sites and create SQL command files. Wrote HTML table parser. Wrote perl loader to process command files. Wrote school list manipulation tool in Python. Loaded 35K multi-column game schedule rows in first 3 weeks. Implemented web spider, news feed reader, team name fuzzy matching library and date recognition and normalizing library. Also built generic RSS reader for more than 60 RSS news sources. Managed Linux cron host environment. Using CVS for version control.

United Health Group

January, 2007 to March, 2007: Configuration Management Consultant

Build and deploy Web applications using Websphere. Start/stop/configure/monitor multiple web sites in both test and production server farms. Maintain/administer Unix servers and Websphere services. Wrote Ant and WSAdmin build scripts in XML.

2002/2003: Web Development; .Net development;; Pyramid Technologies

Complete the design and initial development of a prototype website matching consumers and attorneys using Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP development environment. System administration for in-house Linux server. Complete setup and maintenance of Linux Apache server and static-IP for hosting web sites:

Senior Technical Staff (Consultant) – September 1998 to March 2000:

Philadelphia Stock Exchange

Senior Programmer/Analyst – December 1993 to May 1997:

Philadelphia Stock Exchange

Led effort for Y2K and decimal conversion of entire trading system, affecting all aspects of the software on all hardware platforms.

Develop enhancements to and maintain existing systems; create wholly new system components to process financial transactions in C on Solaris Unix and Stratus systems.

Wrote and executed test scripts for all software developed.

1993: Coopers and Lybrand

Contract programmer – SQL development & reporting

1990 to 1993: Health Information Technologies

Senior Member Technical Staff – Insurance claims parsing & processing

1990: Franklin Electronic Publishers

Software Engineer – intensive parsing for electronic dictionaries

1988: Sonalysts, Inc.

Programmer – Graphical military software

1988: Telesciences CO Systems

Programmer – telephone application in assembler code

1987: Unisys

QA Analyst – test & assure network software

To 1987: Unisys/Drexel University

Coop Employee/Student


BS in Computer Science (GPA 3.5) Drexel University, 1983.

University of Pennsylvania Anthropology major (no degree), 1976-1979.

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