Adavicity and Windows                                                               last update August, 2009


Adavicity has been supporting PC systems since the days of the IBM-XT and MS-DOS.  We are excited about Windows 7 and the Power Shell, but we are committed to supporting today’s systems: XP, 2000, servers 2003 and 2008.


Windows is an important part of the computer landscape and will be for years to come.  Adavicity is positioned as a Systems Administrator for Windows bringing in-depth knowledge of PC Hardware and the software components of this important platform.  But Adavicity brings expertise in other operating systems as well: Linux, Mac, VMWare and legacy systems.  Add to this, proficiency in networking and you have a powerful ally to help you keep your systems ticking and your business running.


Adavicity is all about windows applications like the Office Suite: Word, Outlook, Excel, Power Point, Access and Visio to name a few.  We support IIS for web, intranet and Sharepoint.  We support Internet Explorer and the many applications that run inside of it.  We support Adobe, many media players, CD burning software, all major virus scanners, backup software of various kinds and major database vendors.



Adavicity Achievments at

At Cambria, Adavicity consultants were able to make an immediate difference, beefing up security and eliminating virus threats.  We installed new Dell hardware running Windows 2008 64-bit and IIS using RAID 1 technology as per customer specifications.  We also migrated all servers onto stable UPS platforms we provided and installed.

We are currently developing a trouble alert solution and automated Web Site verification suite for Cambria to use to insure the satisfaction of its customers.

[February, 2009 to Present]



Adavicity Contributions to Hudson-Bergen Light Rail; Jersey City, NJ

There are two separate networks in use at the light rail.  The one used to control and monitor the light rail vehicles contains Unix servers and 8 Windows desktop systems.  The administrative LAN is much larger and contains 6 server machines running Windows 2003.


Adavicity supports the IT infrastructure of both, with primary responsibility for the control system.  We support a transportation application called Spear and the Oracle 9i DBMS it uses to store all of the company data.  The software is installed on several dozen Windows desktops.


Creating and upgrading scripts in perl, batch and VBScript is a strategy for managing backups and disk space.  While other items, such as DNS/DHCP diagnosis and troubleshooting, resolving LAN issues, firewall and router configuration are manual.


Other Contributions at Hudson-Bergen

Set up company sharepoint (WSS) using IIS under Windows Server 2003.  Administer other intranet sites in IIS.  Maintain admin procedures, scripts and database reporting.  Upgrade/enhance Access program that uses ODBC to Oracle database.  Using perforce version control.  Troubleshoot Windows time issues and NTP.

Upgrade Oracle from version 8.0 to 9i, recreating all users, views, stored procedures and Crystal Reports. and maintaining data integrity with no user impact.  Administer Oracle daily operations.  Support train control system operations and maintenance and database/reporting applications.  Plan, implement and support upgrades.  Create/enhance/upgrade automated maintenance, backup and report generation scripts/applications using Oracle, Windows and Unix scripting in Perl and VBScript/Excel/Access VBA.

Other Achievements:

§       Replace old, failure-prone excel VBA reporting process that took over 5 minutes to run with a fuller-featured perl script running in 2-3 seconds.

§       Upgrade “Spear 2000” database package and Oracle through nine versions (1999 to current) with no operational disruption while modifying a half-dozen interfaces

§       Enhance Excel VBA program.  Add a toolbar to accept dates as an input.

§       Create VB/WSH script to automate train performance data correction & database import

§       Automate Unix file archiving and backup using perl/bash scripting

§       Institute Configuration Management using “Perforce” CM product

[May, 2006 to Present]



Adavicity at TelAmerica Media

Our experience at Telamerica taught us never to limit what we can contribute.  While this was mostly software development, the company moved its offices in the midst of the project (using a VM solution) and it was natural for our consultants to contribute in solving network problems, supporting users and testing applications. 

Other Major contributions at TelAmerica

Participate in all phases of design and development of agile SOA Enterprise application (core business infrastructure) using .Net 3.0/C# and WCF. Port Boost Graph Library, write C++/CLI wrapper and C# interface.  Write stored procedures for SQL Server database.  Create API and custom User Control.  Created the System Topography Service as part of core business logic.  Serve as CM/QA, writing VSS and devenv scripts to compile, deploy and startup.

[October, 2006 to August, 2008]




Adavicity at Health Information Technologies

Develop software to process and forward insurance claims from Doctors to Insurance Companies from MC68000 point-of-sale devices to a Stratus server and on to the HMO system.  Support system development.  Lead POS development effort.  Support production and shipment of terminals and customer service department.  Work with Novell LAN Administrator to manage system resources for development.  Support testing environment.


Created customer service PC utilities used to support this system.  Upgraded PC support systems to provide for building and shipment of terminals. 


Installed, configured and administered PVCS, Make, PC Lint, several editors, Novell’s Btrieve database and associated and third party tools, as well as several C compilers and many other programming tools.  Taught C class.

[1990 to 1993]